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I apply for membership in the Wessagussett Yacht Club and agree, if elected, to conform to the Constitution and By ‐ Laws and the Rules made for the government of the club.
An initiation fee, one year’s dues and current fees and assessments shall accompany all applications for new members. These monies will be returned immediately if the application is not accepted. All applications are subject to a 10 day posting and must be approved by the Board of Directors after posting. Please make checks payable to "Wessagussett Yacht Club".
In consideration of being granted membership in the Wessagussett Yacht Club, and thereby the rights and privileges of such membership, for use of club property and the club premises, I, the undersigned, assume all risks of, waive all claims for damages related to, and release and completely discharge the Wessagussett Yacht Club, its officers, agents and employees from and against any and all legal liability, claims, actions, or demands which I, my executors, administrators or successors may now or in the future have against the Wessagussett Yacht Club or its officers, agents or employees for injuries and/or property loss or damage sustained by me or any member of my family or my guests, during, or as a result of, or in any way connected with my use of the property or premises of the Wessagussett Yacht Club, regardless of cause and including but not limited to any defect in the property or the premises of the Wessagussett Yacht Club, or its officers, agents or employees. I realized that the Wessagussett Yacht Club is a Member ‐ maintained facility, and that there are risks to me my family and my guests involved in membership in such facility including, but not limited to moving vessels, pumping gasoline, loosely connected docks and ramps subject to movement in normal wave conditions, tripping hazards, fires and other possible hazardous conditions, and that without my furnishing this Member’s Release, I would not be granted membership in the Wessagussett Yacht Club, and I hereby waive notice of any hazardous or negligent conditions within or about the facilities, grounds, docks and vessels (premises) or any way connected herewith.