Boat Registration

If you plan to have a boat at WYC, you must complete this form for each boat you plan to moor (including storm moorings) or keep on the docks. Note that Dock members must be able to vacate the docks during storms and thus might want a storm mooring. IF SO INDICATE THIS. Please complete the entire form for our records. Forms must be submitted by APRIL 30th to ensure your position in the mooring field or dock assignment. Early submission of forms is GREATLY appreciated (thanks in advance)! All Members need to provide annually proof of insurance (minimum of $300,000 liability) along with this form.
All Members with a boat in Weymouth are required by the Town of Weymouth to have a Weymouth Harbor Master issued registration sticker. A $100 fine will be enforced if both the WYC and Town stickers are not displayed on the port aft quarter of your boat(s).

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